Our newest project is a passion project for us and everyone else involved, which is why this industry just might change the world!  @MJLifestyle started when 2 Girlbosses (Maria Chang + Jennifer Skog), both having unique relationships with Cannabis, decided to create a space where we could share our point of view & curate a positive image for women and cannabis. 

A couple of months in led us to our first branding projects with women owned cannabis companies.  We love every minute of creating beautiful imagery for these companies, but quickly learned that our job doesn't end with the images. The negative perception and stigma of Cannabis is still very much present and women, like ourselves, are suffering.  Either they are afraid to try a 'drug' that has been illegal for so long, or they feel shame for being a long time user. 

We understand now, that we have a voice that can speak for women just like us.  So we are not stopping and we are reaching out to women everywhere to your story with @MJLifestyle so we can do our part to educate about the many benefits of this beautiful flower.


Feature 1

@MJLifestyle Branding Campaign starts at $3000 usd.


In need of your own Personal Branding images? 

Our Lady MJ Shoot is just what you need to elevate your personal style & evolve your brand.  Photo Shoot includes Professional Hair & Makeup, Wardrobe Styling, 2 Looks & 15 High Resolution Image Files. // $1500 usd


Feature 2

We've got our hearts pounding with this new venture of ours and invite all women to share your story & genius with us! We are building a community of strong women inspiring & empowering other women and we would love to connect with you!

CannaFever will feature Real Women, Cannabis Lifestyle & Fashion Editorials, Wellness & Survival Stories, Motherhood, Entrepreneurship and Style Trends



@MJLifestyle Branding Campaign for Half Caked Edibles

With Inspiration from our client's vision, we had so much fun Producing & Styling this Girly Photo Shoot & Campaign designed for modern ladies with a sweet tooth.  Half Caked Edibles is all Women Owned & Operated and we couldn't be more thrilled to create custom content for their Marketing, Branding & Social Media.